Criminal Investigations 

Criminal Investigations is managed by the CID Commander and is responsible for overseeing a wide variety of follow-up investigations of primarily felony crimes.

Crimes Against Persons
Coordinates all investigations concerning personal injury or offenses against the person, including sex crimes.

Property Crimes
Coordinates all investigations concerning property loss or damage, forgeries, thefts or unauthorized entries.

Investigates all crimes involving juvenile suspects or victims. Provides informational resources and education to families and the community regarding juvenile trends.

AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)
The AFIS Unit is one of three hubs responsible for the quality control and overall verification of fingerprints and other relevant descriptor data submitted from 56 Livescans in a 25-parish area on a 24-hour-a-day basis.  They also assist law enforcement agencies in apprehending criminals by supplying mug shots, driver’s license photos, fingerprint cards and photo lineups as requested.

Metro Forensic Investigations
The Lafayette Metro Crime Scene Unit is comprised of Investigators from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Lafayette Police Department. They are responsible for handling investigations throughout the city and parish of Lafayette. The Crime Scene Unit assists investigators by collecting and preserving physical evidence recovered at crime scenes, accident locations and other investigative scenes. Members of the Crime Scene Unit have received specialize training in advanced fingerprint lifting techniques, latent print examinations, advance photography techniques and scientific chemical testing.

Cold Case Investigator
Investigates all capital cases that have been designated as a cold case status.

Intelligence Unit
Collection and dissemination of information and intelligence on organized crime, vice and other specialized criminal activities.

Crime Analyst
Collects, collates, analyzes, and disseminates information relative to crime patterns and methods of operation; targets and tracks specific suspects and high crime areas; and disseminates information to appropriate personnel and agencies. Analyst also evaluates timeliness, credibility, usefulness, and applicability of the information.