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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Law Enforcement Agencies through out the parish, makes it easy for you to know about crime in your neighborhood. You can view the latest crime maps by selecting the below link. This allows you to know where crimes are occurring within the Parish as well as your neighborhood. The data gathered is invaluable to organizations in fighting crime and mapping crime trends.

Crime Mapping allows the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office to assess the impact and effectiveness of anti-crime strategies. This data is intended to provide the public with a general overview of crime and Sheriff related activities at a given location or in a specified geographic area. We are hopeful that the site can serve as a tool to create an awareness of crime in the areas where we live, work, learn or spend leisure time.

Because of data-flow and coding issues, the data is in no way intended as a representation of “official” crime statistics and is inappropriate for use in litigation or any other legal or court proceedings.

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Search Options

The Lafayette Parish Crime View Community application allows you the ability to search using various search options.

  • Sheriff Patrol Zones as well as Broussard, Carencro, Duson, Lafayette, Scott, and Youngsville Police patrol zones and districts.
  • Landmarks
  • Council Districts
  • Near Address Search
  • Signal/Call Type
  • Specific Date and Time

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol Zones can be seen in the image.

(Click on the image for a larger view)

LPSO Patrol Zone