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Sheriff's Message

 The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is an organization comprised of a team of approximately 850 committed and dedicated public servants to the people of Lafayette Parish. The office has many components and facets that perform what can be considered essential and non-essential services. Since taking office, I have chosen to direct the efforts of my team to achieving perfection in what can be termed our "core functions." Those functions are criminal law enforcement, tax collection, service of process, and management of our three correctional and re-entry facilities. As part of our journey toward perfection, I have refocused our attention toward fundamental skills and practices that will better allow my team to execute these core responsibilities.

I have reorganized this agency so it is better staffed and equipped for law enforcement operations. As a result of this reorganization, the number of deputies patrolling the parish has doubled and that has in turn helped foster an environment that allows for quicker response to requests for service and more proactive citizen contacts. The patrol model changed from a traditional approach to a geographic model wherein the same deputies and supervisors are assigned to the same area each shift; this approach has seen quick success with increased apprehensions and greater cooperation and participation from victims and witnesses. A byproduct of the increased staffing of the Patrol Division has also served to alleviate pressure from the Criminal Investigations Division because patrol deputies are able to follow through with the investigation to the point of conclusion thereby allowing my investigators to spend more time and resources on major, complex cases.

Reorganization has also had a positive impact on my Corrections Division. Shifts are now manned with the appropriate number of deputies to supervise inmates and manage the various facilities. This has created a better and safer working environment for my staff and has helped reduce employee turnover. We are seeing an increase in the number of deputies who want to stay in corrections instead of transitioning into patrol or leaving for oil field jobs.

The re-entry program which supervises and equips offenders with essential skills to re-enter society has also seen great success. There were a total of 62 HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) graduates for the 2016 fiscal year, more than any other local facility. The 2017 fiscal year has already produced 37 HiSET graduates, more than any other local facility so far. Inmate Industries has increased production of current supplies such as filters and trash bags and has also began manufacturing some office supplies, such as our staff business cards. Fabricating these items in-house and with the use of inmate labor drives down costs saving the agency and other government entities taxpayer money.

As public servants in Lafayette Parish we are humbled by the level of support we receive from our community and we are proud to protect and serve this community. On behalf of myself and the dedicated men and women of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, we thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving and protecting you and your family.

Mark Garber
Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office