Inmate Industries

“Working for the Community” serves as the Inmate Industries motto. Inmate Industries provides the opportunity for each offender to learn skills that will allow them to become productive members of our community.

Outside Work Crews

Outside Work Crews (OWC) provide various services and labor to both the Lafayette Parish    Sheriff’s Office as well as to other local municipalities and non-profit organizations. With 24 buildings located on 17 different properties, the Outside Work Crews provide a wide variety of services to help maintain these LPSO properties.  Each crew is comprised of one Peace Officer Standards and Training Certified Deputy that supervises between 5-9 inmate workers.  Some of the services provided are:  grounds maintenance, event clean-ups and general janitorial services. 

LAPCORR Industries

LAPCORR Industries is a jail industry under the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office that manufactures and sells items made by Inmate Workers. While working for LAPCORR Industries, inmates develop marketable job skills in an environment that promotes a positive work ethic.  Inmate Industries is committed to providing quality products and services to non-profit organizations and government agencies in an effort to reduce the cost to taxpayers and prepare offenders for their transition back into the community.

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Central Laundry

Central Laundry provides laundering services to the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and Direct Supervision Unit. Each day over 1500 pounds of linen are washed and dried.  Deliveries to and from sites are made Monday through Friday each week. 

Central Supply

Central Supply has been in operation since August 2016.  The primary purposes are to provide           cost-savings to the Sheriff’s Office and increase efficiency.  Items used by all departments of the Sheriff’s Office are ordered in bulk and are available for distribution to each section.

Farm Services

Farm Services was incorporated into Inmate Industries in 2016. The goal of this program is to provide the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center Kitchen with fresh vegetables as a cost effective means of producing nutritious meals.