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Register a Complaint

A system for handling and investigating all complaints and allegations is essential to establishing and maintaining the confidence of the citizens of Lafayette Parish. The system is designed to protect the integrity of the agency and protect the public from inappropriate behavior by Lafayette Parish Sheriff's employees.

It is the policy of the Lafayette Parish Sheriffs' Office to conduct fair and impartial investigations of all complaints. This office is committed to assuring the highest integrity and standards of professionalism and employee behavior. Internal Affairs is there for and responsible for the thorough, expeditious, and impartial investigation of all complaints or cases involving the integrity of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.

All complaints against the Office and its employees will be documented and investigated. This includes anonymous complaints.

Every effort shall be made to facilitate the convenient, courteous, and prompt processing of citizen complaints. All Sheriff's Office employees are charged with the responsibility of courteously receiving all complaints that may be lodged against the Office or any employee, regardless of nature. Complaints registered in person may be made at the Sheriff's Office at 316 West Main Street or by calling (337) 232-9211 any time.

When filing a complaint, it is important that you remember the name of the deputy or employee (if known), the date and time of the incident, the names of any available witnesses, and the details or circumstances of the incident.

If the complaint is made in person, you may be asked to complete an Allegation of Employee Misconduct Form. This is especially important when the complaint involves allegations of serious misconduct. A written record of the complaint will be made if received by mail or telephone. In both cases you should receive a copy of the Complaint Receipt Form to the complainant.

Following the assignment of the control number Internal Affairs, will send a letter notifying you of the receipt of the complaint, the investigative contact person, and the anticipated date of completion.

Whenever practical, supervisors take corrective action to resolve complaints which result from misunderstanding or need no investigation to resolve. In this instance, the results and findings will be forwarded to Internal Affairs. If a supervisor does not satisfactorily resolve such a complaint, it will be forwarded to Internal Affairs for investigation.

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