Uniform Patrol Division


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Department is assigned the duties of criminal patrol throughout Lafayette Parish, which includes the investigation of numerous traffic accidents each year. The Uniform Patrol Department also responds to calls for assistance from the six municipalities located in Lafayette Parish. The men and women of patrol are furnished with state of the art equipment including on board laptop computers, Global Positioning mapping, onboard stationary and moving radar, video recording equipment and body cameras for evidentiary purposes.

The Uniform Patrol Department consists of Patrol Shifts, Communications, K9, Marine Services Team, Accident Investigation Team and the Dive Team.

The Patrol Shifts Section consists of four shifts of patrol personnel. Each shift is comprised of a Watch Commander who holds the rank of Lieutenant, three field supervisors with the rank of Staff Sergeant and additional deputies who are assigned by district (North, Central and South). These deputies are responsible for answering calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency, as well as handling Patrol and Radar requests based on a Geo Statistical method of policing. 

The Communications Section provides 24-hour dispatch services for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and for all municipalities in our parish except for the City of Lafayette. Utilizing computer-aided dispatch (C.A.D.), and linked to 911, LPSO Dispatchers are a liaison between the public and law enforcement.

The K-9 Section utilizes highly trained and certified dual-purpose dogs and handlers for patrol use. They are dispatched to most in-progress calls and are utilized in building searches and apprehensions of high-risk suspects and are also certified to provide narcotics detection. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office also utilizes an explosive detection K-9 that provides service in Lafayette Parish and throughout South Louisiana.

The Marine Services Section performs boat patrols along Parish waterways to observe activities, detect hazardous conditions, rescue stranded boaters and enforce laws pertaining to unsafe boating operations and other water sports equipment.
The Accident Investigation Team (AIT) consists of deputies who have received specialized training in crash investigations.  These deputies respond to and investigate crashes where a fatality or serious injuries have occurred within the territorial limits of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The Dive Team consists of deputies who have received specialized training in water rescue operations.  They conduct high risk water related recoveries and rescues to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens and law enforcement in and around Lafayette Parish.

Special Patrol Requests