• Are the inmates paid to work?
    Yes, all inmate workers at LPCC are paid wages ranging from $1.29 - $2.68 per day. This pay rate depends on the work crew in which they are assigned. Inmate workers are paid once per month, and these funds can be used to purchase items from commissary or can be saved until release.
  • How do inmates qualify for work crews?
    Participation in any of the inmate work crews is strictly voluntary. An inmate must fill out an application for work and is thoroughly screened before placement in a crew. Outside inmate workers must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for outside inmate worker status. Some of these criteria include: Type of charges (past and present), behavior while incarcerated, and length of sentence.
  • What happens to the money that Inmate Industries generates?
    Funds generated from contractual inmate work crews are used to offset salaries for supervising Deputies and equipment needed to operate the crews. Funds from LAPCORR are returned into the program to sustain operation. Both programs offer cost-savings not only to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office but also to local government and non-profit organizations. Program revenues are also used to partially offset the costs of incarceration, thereby reducing cost to the taxpayers of Lafayette Parish.
  • What is Inmate Industries?
    Inmate Industries encompasses two programs under LPCC—LAPCORR INDUSTRIES and outside work crews. Both programs foster productive inmate activity which reduces idleness and resembles a “real-world” work environment. LAPCORR is a jail industry program where corrugated boxes and trash can liners are manufactured and sold to government agencies and non-profit organizations. Outside work crews provide lawn service, pick up litter, and help with laborious projects within Lafayette Parish. There are presently 25 inmate work crews under the Industries that report for work each day.
  • What is the mission of LAPCORR INDUSTRIES?
    The mission of Lafayette Parish Correctional Industries is to manufacture and deliver a quality product to government and non-profit organizations while providing a solid work ethic to inmates.
  • What products does LAPCORR Produce?

    LAPCORR INDUSTRIES offers quality trash can liners, specialty bags, corrugated boxes, disposable trash bins, and institutional mattresses and pillows for sale. A wide variety of can liners in both bio-degradable and low or high density are manufactured at LAPCORR. Cardboard trash bins, filing boxes, and custom boxes are all made with 200# C-Flute material and most orders are delivered within 2 business days.

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  • What types of services do outside inmate work crews do and who is eligible to receive their services?
    Outside inmate work crews provide various labor to government agencies and local non-profit organizations. Some services include litter pick-up on roadways, lawn service, and general manual labor. They cannot provide assistance to any private individual or company. Requests for service can be made by calling 337-236-5856.
  • Who can purchase products from LAPCORR?

    State legislature allows LAPCORR to sell items only to government agencies or non-profit organizations in Louisiana.

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  • Who do I contact to see if my organization, school, or government place of business is eligible?
    To place an order or to find out if your non-profit organization or public entity qualifies to purchase LAPCORR products call 337-236-5856 or email us at lapcorr@lafayettesheriff.com