Diversion Programs : Transitional Work Program : FAQ

FAQ Transitional Work Program
  • Does an offender have to pay to be in the Transitional Work Program?
    Yes. The offender is responsible for housing and transportation reimbursement as well as incidental fees. The offender is also responsible for paying his or her own medical and dental fees while in the program. Court ordered child support, restitution, fines, and/or fees are also the responsibility of the offender while in Work Release.
  • Does eligibility mean automatic placement into the Transitional Work Program?
    No, eligibility does not mean automatic placement into the Transitional Work Program. There is a misconception that all offenders who are eligible for the Transitional Work will be placed into the program. The offender must apply to the program, and his application will be throroughly reviewed before being considered. If the offender is a DOC inmate and he/she has met all eligibility requirements by the DOC and the Transitional Work Program, a recommendation will be forwarded to the Department of Corrections for final approval. The Department of Corrections makes the final decision for Transitional Work participation for all state inmates. If the resident is a Parish offender, the offender will be screened by the STOP office at the LPCC before being recommended to the Transitional Work Program.
  • How can I send mail to a Transitional Work Program offender?
    Transitional Work Program (Name of offender) (Bunk Assignment) 1825 W. Willow St., Unit 1, Scott,LA, 70583
  • How does an offender get into the Transitional Work Program?
    Offenders must meet all eligibility requirements and must apply for the program. If the inmate is housed in the LPCC, he/she must complete and submit a Transitional Work Program application to Classification. If the offender is in another facility, he/she must write a letter to Transitional Work Program  requesting consideration. Mail to: Transitional Work Program Attn: Screening Officer, 1825 W. Willow St., Scott, LA, 70583 the Transitional Work program will respond to the offender regarding the status of the application/request. Response and transfer times vary from weeks to months based on several factors such as LPCC and Transitional Housing Facility space availability.
  • I am a local employer in need of workers for my company. Who do I contact at the Transitional Work Program for more details?
    Please contact the Transitional Work Program at (337) 236-3969.
  • Once in the Transitional Work Program, does the Transitional Work Program find the offender a job, or is it the responsibility of the offender to find his/her own job?
    The Transitional Work Program has agreements with several local employers who have available positions to fill. In these cases, Transitional Work Program participants are placed according to the needs of the employers. In other cases, the offender, with some assistance from the Transitional Work staff, must find his/her own job. In these cases, the employer must agree to the terms of the Transitional Work Program and must sign an employer agreement before the offender can be employed with the company.
  • What are the eligibility requirements for the Transitional Work Program?
    Eligibility is based on, but is not limited to, behavioral/institutional history, criminal history, offenses, and the time remaining on the current sentence (must be within last 3 years, or in some cases, last 6 months). Sex offenses will not be considered for recommendation by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Transitional Work Program.
  • Where can I get Transitional Work Program participant's property?
    Persons needing to pick-up a former Transitional Work Program participant’s personal property should contact the Transitional Work Program at (337) 236-3969 for detailed instructions and scheduling.