FAQ - Enforcement
  • If my stolen property is recovered, how do I get it returned?
    Many items are returned to the owner at the time of recovery unless they are needed as evidence. If property is retained for evidence, property owners are asked to contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Evidence Custodian at 337-236-5835 to make arrangements for returning their items.
  • How can I find out if crime is occurring in my neighborhood?
    The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office website has a crime mapping section that can provide information about calls that the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office has responded to in Lafayette Parish. Visit this site for additional information: LPSO Crime Mapping
  • I have a lot of drug activity in my neighborhood – what do I do?
    The LPSO Narcotics Unit is available to assist the community with their concerns about drug activity and can be reached at 534-4175 for assistance with eliminating drug activity. The LPSO Narcotics Unit section on this website provides an opportunity for the community to report drug activity directly to the task force – all information remains confidential.
  • Where is the Patrol area for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office? Do deputies have jurisdiction within the city limits?
    The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office provides complete law enforcement services, patrol, dispatch and criminal investigation for all residents of Lafayette Parish - however, in order to not duplicate services provided by other agencies, our primary enforcement and patrol areas are the unincorporated areas of the Parish. Deputies of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office have jurisdiction throughout Lafayette Parish.