Hiring a TWP resident is good for business




  • More than anything TWP residents are good employees because they are motivated to succeed and grateful for the chance you give them to get their life back on track. TWP residents choose to be in the program and must meet stringent requirements.

  • Businesses hiring a TWP resident could be eligible for a Louisiana Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Click here for more information.

  •  Residents are also bondable for up to $25K at no cost to the employer if required.

  •  The TWP staff works closely with you to make sure that we find quality candidates for you. We continue to work with you after the hiring process and during the entire time our resident is your employee.  

  • Job candidates go through your regular job interviewing process, the hiring decision is completely yours. We try to provide you with as many potential candidates to choose from. In most cases you can pick from a large pool of candidates with a large range of skills and experiences.

  •  Many residents have a wide range of sought after skills in a variety of industries including, oil field, construction, warehouse and food service.

  •  It is a great resource for seasonal staffing and special projects.

  •  Reliable punctual attendance for all shifts at all hours.  The program provides transportation 24/7 to and from work for all working participants.   Residents are not allowed to miss work other than for a court appearance, a medical or dental appointment or approved sick call.

  •  All working residents go through periotic drug screen and daily breathalyzer test upon returning from work. Residents know that program rules of conduct which are continuously monitored and enforced.


For More Information Contact:

Sarah Downs

Re-Entry Program Employment Coordinator

337.236.3969 Ext. 7331