Employer FAQ


How do I get started?

It’s simple contact our office and we can talk about your specific needs (labor needs) and how we can help fill them. A few types of businesses may not qualify, based on type of work being done or location of work place.


How does the hiring process work?

Hiring one of our residents is not much different than any other hire you make, and in some ways it is easier since we do a lot of the work for you. Even if you are not ready to hire someone when you sign up, or if we do not have a candidate with the specific skills you are looking for we can notify you if and when we might have a good candidate who fits your needs.


Is there any special rules I have to follow?


Yes, we ask that all employers in our program sign our employer agreement. The agreement outlines the rules regarding supervision, visitation, job schedule changes, job sight and payment of wages. For more about what the agreement covers watch our employer agreement video here.


How much do I have to pay the resident(s)?

We ask that you pay our residents the same as any other employee doing the same work with the same skill level and experience.


Do I have to pay taxes on them?

Louisiana Department of Corrections stipulates that all residents have taxes withdrawn from their earning by the employer. We are not able to use a 1099.


How much do they earn and how are they paid?

Unlike other employees residents cannot be paid directly in any form.  Payroll checks or direct payroll deposits are made to the TWP. If paying by check, checks are made out to the resident and then mailed to us.  We provide a copy of all check stubs or electronic payment notifications to all of our residents each pay period.


What types of charges do these residents have?

Most program residents were incarcerated for a variety of minor non-violent offenses including, failure to pay child support, minor drug charges, theft or parole violations.  Persons convicted of any sex crimes among others are not allowed in the program.


What if I decide that I no longer want to participate in the program?

You are free to leave the program whenever you would like. The agreement you signed is not a binding contract, but just a set of rules that the Department of Corrections would like you to follow while the resident is employed by you. You can terminate the resident’s employment at any time without cause.


How much supervision do I need to provide at my work place?


While the agreement stipulates that TWP resident employee must be supervised at work, that supervision is not much different than the supervision you give other employees. The supervision can be done by any co-worker or “team leader” designated by a supervisor.  All that is asked is that someone knows where they are at all times and is aware of when they go on their breaks (lunch/smoke). We also ask that they be monitored while they wait to be picked up at the end of their work shift. We work hard to pick up and drop off our residents promptly.


Can the resident drive for my company?

Residents can drive company vehicles and equipment only on the company’s private property, or work site property. Residents are not allowed to drive on public roads. 


What type of insurance coverage do I need to have on the resident(s)?

As with any other employee, our residents should be covered under Workman’s Comp, whether that be held by a third party (staffing agency) or through you is your decision.  We have worked with local staffing agencies in the past so are familiar with the process. 


Do residents have medical clearance to work?

All of our residents go through a general medical screening process in order to be cleared for our program.  Specific jobs may have specific medical or physical requirements, just like any other employee it is up to the employer to verify that the employee is capable of doing the work assigned.




For More Information Contact:

Sarah Downs

Re-Entry Program Employment Coordinator

337.236.3969 Ext. 7331