Office of Legal Counsel
Legal Services

The Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) provides analysis, advice and counsel to the Sheriff and all Sheriff's Office personnel on a wide range of legal issues arising from all operations conducted by the various divisions of the Sheriff's Office. The day-to-day duties and responsibilities of the OLC include but are not limited to the following:

(i) advises the Sheriff and members of the Command Staff regarding the legal implications of all major decisions, strategies and transactions;

(ii) prepares or reviews and approves all contracts and agreements between the Sheriff and other parties;

(iii) reviews, evaluates and assists with responding to public records requests, subpoenas, discovery requests and court orders;

(iv) assists the Sheriff and Command Staff in the formulation of policy on given matters;

(v) monitors and reviews legal aspects of Sheriff's Office policies and operations;

(vi) provides legal advice and counsel to employees at all levels within the Sheriff's Office relative to the operations of the various divisions of the Sheriff's Office; and

(vii) performs legal research and provides general legal advice as needed.

The OLC serves each of the divisions of the Sheriff's Office, including Enforcement, Corrections, Administrative Services, Special Services, Support Services, Public Affairs and Internal Affairs.

Claims and Litigation Management

The OLC oversees the handling of all worker's compensation and liability claims asserted against the Sheriff and manages all litigation in which the Sheriff or the Sheriff's Office is a party or has an interest. This includes appointing and supervising outside litigation counsel, as well as assisting with investigating claims, responding to discovery and preparing for trial.

 Risk Management

The OLC manages legal risk, oversees compliance, and offers preventive advice to the Sheriff and his Command Staff. Moreover, the Chief Legal Counsel serves as Risk Manager for the entire Sheriff's Office and in that capacity, consults with Sheriff's Office personnel, insurance brokers and insurance carriers to analyze risk and develop strategies and programs to help reduce accidents and injuries inherent in public safety, law enforcement and corrections.

Public Records

 The OLC oversees the handling of requests for public records received by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office. This includes reviewing the requests, communicating with requestors, and responding to the requests in accordance with the Louisiana Public Records Law (La. R.S. 44:1 et seq).

 Insurance and Benefits

The OLC oversees the insurance and employee benefits programs of the Sheriff's Office. The Chief Legal Counsel works very closely with the insurance brokers for the Sheriff's Office in negotiating and procuring property and casualty insurance for the Sheriff's Office and insurance benefits for its employees. The liability insurance policies for the Sheriff's Office include policies that provide coverage for commercial general liability, automobile liability, professional liability and workers compensation and employers' liability. Employee insurance benefits include medical, dental, life and supplemental insurance programs.   

Organizational Structure

The Office of Legal Counsel, under the supervision of Jason B. Boudreaux, added a second attorney in 2017. James N. ("Jay") Prather, Jr. joined the Office of Legal Counsel in October 2017, after serving as an Assistant District Attorney for the 15th Judicial District Court for over thirty years. Mr. Boudreaux and Mr. Prather have nearly sixty years of combined legal experience in handling civil, criminal and transactional matters.

Chief Legal Counsel                    Jason B. Boudreaux
Assistant Legal Counsel              James N. Prather, Jr.
Employee Benefits Coordinator   Leslie Serio
Public Records Administrator      Juliet Stern
Paralegal                                     Stephanie Bernard