After someone is arrested and a bond is set, the party wishing to pay the bond would choose which type of bond to utilize and proceed accordingly. Bond types include Cash Bonds, Commercial Bonds, and Personal Surety Bonds. Contact the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center at 337-236-5444 for assistance with bail and bond procedures.

  • COMMERCIAL BOND – A commercial bond is posted through a bonding company of your choice. The typical fee is 12% of the original bond; however, this may vary between bondsmen.
  • PERSONAL SURETY BOND – A personal surety, also known as a W-2 bond, must be approved and authorized by a judge. A personal surety is based upon the premise that a friend or relative has income sufficient to support the release of the incarcerated individual. Upon approval by a judge, the information indicating the amount that the judge has authorized is forwarded to the correctional center, at which time the bond can be signed (picture id required) and the individual released.
  • CASH BOND – Cash may be posted for a bond. Payment must be in the form of a money order or cash. The full amount of the bond must be posted. Bond money is refunded after the defendant appears in court and all charges are adjudicated.