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The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program will award sixty-four scholarships of a maximum of $500 each. This effort is a meaningful expression of the Program’s confidence in, and respect for, education and training.

The goal of the Program is to provide assistance to worthy Louisiana students in furthering their education and training with resources made available through the Honorary Membership Program. The Sheriffs of Louisiana consider this scholarship program an investment in the future and believe this will provide for better communication with the residents of the communities served.

Scholarships will be given to graduating high school students from each parish where the Sheriff is an affiliate of the Honorary Membership Program.

There shall be no restrictions on the purposes for which the scholarship is spent. Nor shall the scholarship be considered a loan in any form. Rather, it shall be given to the student in the form of a gift to help in meeting the burdensome costs associated with higher education, in whatever manner that students deem necessary.

There shall be no restriction on any applicant by reason of race, age, creed, color, sex, or national origin. The only limitations are that applicants be permanent residents of Louisiana; scholarships be utilized at institutions of higher learning within the state of Louisiana; and students plan to be enrolled as full-time, undergraduate students.

Only the immediate family of the Sheriff is ineligible to apply. Families of Sheriff’s Office employees are eligible to submit an application.

Normal Hours

Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Completed applications shall be submitted to the Sheriff of the parish of the applicant’s permanent Louisiana residence by the deadline of April 1st of each year. Applicants must be eligible for admission to the school indicated on the application. The award will only be paid for attendance at institutions of higher learning within the state of Louisiana.

Applications received in the Sheriff’s Office, on or before April 1st, are to be reviewed by a committee of nonpartisan citizens selected by the Sheriff. That committee of citizens will review, evaluate, and select the winner and two alternates to represent their parish. Selected applications should be marked: Winner, Alternate 1 and Alternate 2, accordingly. Completed applications of all winners and alternates should be forwarded to the office of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program in Baton Rouge by April 15th of each year.

The names of all scholarship winners will be announced by May 1st of each year. Scholarship certificates will be prepared for each winner and alternates for presentation at graduation or awards’ ceremonies. Funds from the Honorary Membership Program shall be remitted to the local Sheriff for distribution to the scholarship winner, after satisfactory evidence of enrollment has been received by the Program.

If for any reason, a recipient relinquishes a scholarship or fails to enroll as a full-time, undergraduate student at an institution of higher learning in the State of Louisiana, that scholarship will be granted to an alternate from the same parish which was selected by the local committee.

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program reserves the right to reject any winner based upon good cause, such as failure to comply with prescribed guidelines, or behavior or misconduct causing discredit and/or embarrassment to a Sheriff or the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary Membership Program, and to award the scholarship to an alternate from the same parish.

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