The mission of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer Program is to assist in providing a safe learning environment for students and staff while mentoring and building positive relationships between students and law enforcement. In an effort to protect local public schools, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Lafayette Parish School Board, assigned school resource officers (SROs) on every campus. As the program manager, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office directs the focus of the SROs to actively patrol the campus, respond to emergency situations, and be the first-line of defense towards any type of disruption of the educational process or violent acts to students or school personnel.

Most importantly, the goal and the commitment of the SRO is to be a mentor to the students through day-to-day interaction and project a professional and positive message wherein the student would view the SRO as a role model.

Normal Hours

Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office SROs have taken their rolls very seriously not only in the protection of their schools but with building relationships within the schools with the faculty and students.

School Resource Unit