Support Services


The Information Systems (IS) Department of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s is the technological hub of all L.P.S.O. operations. This department is responsible for managing and implementing new technology in order to better law enforcement and detention operations. The IS Department currently consists of eight (8) individuals who are tasked with maintaining the Hardware, Software and IS Infrastructure for the various law enforcement technology systems. IS currently maintains and supports nearly 1,105 computers and tablets, associated printers, 236 4G LTE Data Modems and 51 in-house Servers. IS is responsible for the maintenance, licensing and support of 1,100 software applications, 21 different operating system versions and 27 databases as well as managing access and security for 842 users.

Members of the IS Department must regularly communicate with various software vendors, coordinate network operations with the Lafayette Police Department, Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette Parish Communications District (911) and Louisiana State Police and surrounding agencies within the parish to troubleshoot issues with department computers and servers, and assist the various departments within the L.P.S.O. by providing support with technology that brings criminals to justice.

Normal Hours

Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Information systems