The primary function of the records division is to process and manage information maintained by the Sheriff’s Office. This department receives offense and accident reports as well as inmate files, ensuring that all records are properly stored, physically and electronically. The office responds to requests for public records and background checks, and offers fingerprinting services to the public. Records also serves as the identification department, responsible not only for employees of the Sheriff’s Office, but for multiple civil and law enforcement agencies within the parish.

Please allow 7-10 days after your incident before attempting to pick up an accident report. For additional questions about this process, please call our Records Department.

All public records requests must be received in any of the following manner:

  1. In person by visiting our Records Department.
  2. Via email by sending an email to
  3. By U.S. mail to:

Captain John Mowell

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office

P.O. Box 3508

Lafayette, LA 70502

Notice: to ensure the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office has sufficient opportunity to respond to record requests as required by law, a request will not be deemed received if transmitted by any other method or if it is received by any LPSO employee that is not specifically referenced above.

Please allow 7-10 business days after your incident before attempting to pick up an accident report. For additional information or questions about this process, please contact our Records Department at 337-236-5845.

If the custodian authorizes examination of records in other than regular office or working hours, the persons designated to represent the custodian during such examination shall be entitled to reasonable compensation to be paid to them by the public body having custody of such record, out of the funds provided in advance by the person examining such records in other than regular office working hours.

Criminal Records

All criminal records are generally considered privileged and do not become public record until adjudicated or settled. In certain instances, records falling into the following categories, specified by La. R.S. 44.1 and 44.3, continue to be privileged because of the very nature of the information contained therein after adjudicated and shall not be released except in response to a lawful court order:

  • Investigative reports
  • Supplemental reports (aside from property information)
  • Statements
  • Reports identifying in any way victims of sexual offenses
  • Reports detailing investigative techniques
  • Reports revealing the identity of undercover officers or any reports that would tend to identify undercover officers
  • Reports identifying juvenile criminal or status offenders
  • Reports detailing security procedures
  • Reports detailing investigative technical equipment or instructions on the use thereof
  • Reports identifying confidential sources

Normal Hours

7:30 AM – 12:00 PM
1:00 PM – 4:45 PM

8:00 AM – 11:45 AM


Online Web Service:

Accident/crash reports: Are available online by visiting the following link:

  • Accident Report – $8.00

  • Online Accident Report – $14.00

  • Background Check – $25.00

  • Call for Service – $15.00, 1.00 per add. page

  • Clearance Letter (Notarized) – $30.00

  • Daily Booking Report – $10.00

  • Fingerprints – Ink Roll – $20.00

  • Incident & Initial Reports – $10.00

  • Letter of Incarceration – $5.00

  • Property Report – $10.00

  • Copies (including electronic) of other documents or photos $1.00 per page/photo

  • Copies of audio recordings $1.00 per minute plus $10.00 surcharge for storage media if necessary

  • Copies of video recordings $1.00 per minute plus $10.00 surcharge for storage media if necessary

  • Copies of video (body worn camera) $30.00 each

  • Copies of video (dash camera) $30.00 each

Actual cost of postage to send records by certified mail varies based on quantity.

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