Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Corrections Division Launches NoteActive


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Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Corrections Division launches NoteActive

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Corrections Division launches NoteActive, a new real-time documentation digital platform

By introducing an innovative new software platform on mobile devices in March 2021, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division has achieved increased real-time documentation while reducing the burden on corrections deputies.  Now LPSO command staff, supervisors and administrators can monitor and access all critical information anytime, anywhere, and on any platform to ensure compliance and performance without increasing workloads.

The NoteActive platform makes it easier for corrections deputies to do their jobs by simply using mobile devices to log all occurrences, events, activities, counts, rounds, checks and other risk management and inmate welfare tasks, replacing antiquated and time-consuming paper-based processes.

With the easy, efficient, and accurate input of data, the NoteActive platform can deliver true analytics, allowing agency leaders to see real-time reporting and operational metrics to identify trends, spot patterns and other critical risk management issues for every shift, every day.

The NoteActive platform provides Lafayette Parish with instant access to jail intelligence displayed on a visual analytics dashboard with reporting capabilities.  Further, access to their customized dashboard affords command staff the ability to use data to better manage risk and accountability issues, inmate welfare, accreditation and compliance requirements and other goals.  The platform also allows command staff to monitor and review corrections deputies’ performance metrics to facilitate a healthy workplace environment, strengthening improved organization, morale and efficiencies.  The data being captured in the NoteActive platform is also being used across other divisions in the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office such as investigations, compliance, mental health and medical and others.

“We are constantly striving to be better and always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety within our corrections facilities. This technology is no exception. The access to information and data organization offered by NoteActive will undoubtedly advance and improve our operations at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and beyond,” said Sheriff Mark Garber.

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