Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Launches Real Time Crime Center


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Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office launches real time crime center

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is elevating its crime-fighting capabilities with the implementation of a real time crime center.

Pairing advanced technology and cutting-edge software, the real time crime center will help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of investigations as well as enhance officer and public safety. The system is made up of a combination of hundreds of public and voluntarily-provided private video surveillance systems, body-worn and dash cameras and other integrative data technologies that can be accessed live by Real Time Crime Center Agents.

“The Real Time Crime Center enhances our abilities to respond to emergency situations much more efficiently,” said Real Time Crime Center Supervisor SSgt. Bobby Goodrich, “With the resources we have, we can see live what’s going on at the scene and adjust our response appropriately.”

Though still in its infancy, the real time crime center is already proving its worth—assisting the sheriff’s office, and other law enforcement agencies both within and beyond parish lines, with dozens of investigations. Agents have been able to provide vital information for a variety of cases, such as locating missing persons, identifying and apprehending burglary suspects, producing suspects in homicide investigations and offering crucial support to the school resource officer program.

Notably, the real time crime center was instrumental in a recent case in Scott in which an attempted abduction suspect was identified, located and apprehended by law enforcement in a matter of minutes. In another case, agents gained intelligence which led to law enforcement locating a stolen vehicle from an armed carjacking out of New Orleans.

The highly sophisticated programs integrated into the operations of the real time crime center significantly improve the chances of recovery of stolen property and drastically reduce investigation times. Agents credit the resources they use on a daily basis with assisting in the recovery of millions of dollars’ worth of stolen property over the course of less than six months.

“It’s been solving crimes that we usually wouldn’t solve. Whether it would normally take us 30 days, now it’s taking us three hours or so. Or maybe it’s taking us 30 minutes,” said Lt. Kevin Williams of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Through the integration of several different systems and a team of agents solely dedicated to monitoring and investigating crimes as they occur, the real time crime center offers invaluable resources that would otherwise be inaccessible to law enforcement.

“My mission as Sheriff is to do whatever it takes to ensure our agency has whatever tools necessary to effectively preserve life and public safety in our community. Whether it’s the latest technology, staffing needs or upgrades to equipment, you can’t put a price on saving a life,” said Sheriff Mark Garber.

As technology and techniques evolve, future expansion of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office real time crime center will continuously be pursued to provide the highest level of protection and service possible to the people of Lafayette Parish.