Offender Work Crews Help Area Non Profit Food And Housing Projects


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Offender Work Crews Help Area Non-Profit Food and Housing Projects

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Offender workers have been busy contributing their time and efforts to two community projects this holiday season. Work crews have spent several days completing a Habitat for Humanity project home on Gilman Street in Lafayette.  Projects such as these have a twofold result: in addition to helping provide a needed community service, these projects also provide offenders with the opportunity to learn valuable work skills.

Other Offender work crews also spent time helping FoodNet set up their holiday food distribution center at the Cajun Dome. These crews spent three days last week helping Food Net set up their holiday food drive. In 2011, LPSO Offender work crews donated nearly one thousand hours of volunteer time to Food Net.

Participation in community service projects such as these is just one way that the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office’s offenders and employees give back to the community throughout the year.

For more information on this event or on other Sheriff’s Office Community Service efforts, please call Julio Naudin, Project Development Manager, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Community Corrections Department.