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Paying Tickets or Paying Bail

To pay a traffic violation or a criminal fine:

Please note that the below instructions "DO NOT APPLY" to traffic violations issued by Lafayette City Police or Lafayette City Marshals. Those tickets are processed through the Lafayette City Court offices.  For payment information and instructions please call (337) 291-8736.


The Bonding, Fines, and Commissary office is located on the 4th Floor of the old Lafayette Parish Government building located at 1010 Lafayette Street, and is open Monday through Thursday 7:30am to 4:45pm and Friday from 8 AM to 4:15 PM. After hours, bonding is located at 916 Lafayette St. in front of the Correctional Center. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money orders (Commissary, money orders only), or Visa and Mastercard. In accordance with LA R.S. 15:571.11, 33:1423.1 and 33.2933, a 3% local charge will be added to all credit card payments. When paying traffic tickets, the ticket, or a copy brought to the cashier, will greatly expedite the process. Traffic tickets that have not yet been to court must be paid in full prior to the due date found near the bottom of the ticket. Installment payments are not an option when attempting to pay fines prior to court. When paying criminal fines, please present the docket number to the deputy as this will also expedite the process. Only misdemeanor violations may be paid in advance; criminal fines must first be processed through the court. Once the courts have ordered a fine to be paid, installments may be made, as long as the fine is paid by the due date given in court.

For after hours convenience, a drop box is located adjacent to the entrance of the Records office located at 316 West Main Street. Be sure to make all money orders payable to LPSO, and include your name and address as the sender. If paying a traffice citation, be sure to attach the citation to the money order, and if paying a criminal fine, attach any citation from the court to the money order and write the docket number on the money order as well. If you would like to receive a receipt by mail, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Anything dropped in the box after 3 pm will be credited on the next business day. DO NOT PLACE CASH IN THE BOX.


P.O. Drawer 92590
Lafayette, LA  70509-2590

Money orders are the only acceptable form of payment when paying by mail. Money orders must be made payable to LPSO (LAFAYETTE PARISH SHERIFF'S OFFICE). When paying traffic tickets by mail, please include the ticket or a copy with the money order. When paying criminal fines by mail that have already been processed through the court, the docket number must be on the money order to insure that the payment is posted properly. A receipt will be sent out by return mail.

Bonding Options:


A commercial bond is posted through a bonding company of your choice. The typical fee is 12% of the original bond, however this may vary between bondsmen.


A personal surety, also known as a W-2 bond, must be approved and authorized by a judge. A personal surety is based upon the premise that a friend or relative has income sufficient to support the release of the incarcerated individual. Upon approval by a judge, the information indicating the amount that the judge has authorized is forwarded to the correctional center, at which time the bond can be signed (picture ID required) and the individual released.


Cash may be posted for a bond. Payment must be in the form of a money order or cash. The full amount of the bond must be posted. Bond money is refunded after the defendant appears in court and all charges are adjudicated.