Violent Offenders Task Force Update


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Violent Offenders Task Force Update

Friday, March 4, 2022

Two months into the mobilization of its joint Violent Offenders Task Force (VOTF) with the Lafayette Police Department, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide some initial statistics that support the immediate success of the operation.

In just over eight weeks, the task force handled 568 calls total—524 of those calls were self-initiated based on probable cause.

As a result of the VOTF’s efforts, 43 weapons have been recovered from the streets of Lafayette Parish by law enforcement. In addition, 47 narcotics investigations have been initiated and illegal narcotics valued at nearly $350,000 were seized.

46 new felony arrests and 24 misdemeanors have been executed by task force members since its launch on January 3, 2022. The number of felony and misdemeanor warrants cleared by arrest currently stand at 39 and six, respectively.

These numbers reflect the VOTF’s success in its mission to disrupt and thwart the commission of violent crimes in Lafayette Parish.

“Through our intelligence efforts we have identified several groups in the Acadiana area that operate all or in part in Lafayette.  These groups, while relatively small in number, are primarily responsible for the rise in homicides and shootings.  If we do not proactively pursue this criminal activity, it stands to pose a direct threat to the safety and well-being of this community,” said Sheriff Mark Garber on the importance of implementing the task force.

These figures represent the successes that can be achieved by the cooperative and collaborative efforts between the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Lafayette Police Department.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office PIO