This facility has transitioned to expand offenders visitation availability by allowing the additional use of a new remote video visitation process provided by the offender communications system. This new visitation technology will allow for more visits at more times without the need to travel to the Visitation Center. It does not replace the current onsite visit process, but opens up the availability to visit from a remote site using the internet.


8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

(By appointment only)


Video Visits

Visits with an offender are provided through video chat conversations known as video visits. Video visits can be conducted onsite at the Visitation Center or remotely from your cellphone, tablet, or personal computer. Video visits are provided through the offender communications system and available for $0.50/minute (may vary) in 30-minute blocks.

Visitor Verification

All first-time visitors must be verified with the offender communications system before they can visit with an offender. To become verified, go to to create an account. Contact ViaPath customer service at 1-866-516-0115 with any questions.

Once the verification is complete, download the ConnectNetworkVisits app from Google Play or the App Store to request a visit. All visits must be confirmed before the visit can occur.

Offender Visitation

Remote Visits:

Remote visits can be conducted from a cellphone or tablet, or any personal computer with high-speed internet, a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

Visitor verification is required prior to the visit.

Use the ConnectNetwork app to request a visit. All visits must be confirmed before the visit can occur.

Visitation Center

The Visitation Center is an onsite video visitation facility designed with special monitors for video visits between visitors and offenders.


220 W. Willow Street, Building D
Lafayette, Louisiana


Wednesdays, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., by scheduled visits only

Visitation Center Visits:

All visitors must complete the visitor verification prior to arrival at the Visitation Center. You must be verified and create an account through before you can schedule any remote or Visitation Center visit. See Visitor Verification above.

All Visitation Center visits must be confirmed through the GettingOut Visits app and with the Visitation Center prior to your arrival at the Visitation Center for any visit. Visits will not occur if the visit has not been confirmed with both.

To schedule and confirm a visit at the Visitation Center:

1) Complete the visitor verification.

2) Download the GettingOut Visits app and schedule a visit at the Visitation Center. Visiting hours for the center are listed above.

3) Wait for the visit to be confirmed through the GettingOut Visits app.

4) Once you receive confirmation through the app, call 1.337.591.3005 to confirm the visit with the Visitation Center.

No more than 4 visitors allowed in the Visitation Center at a time.

Only one adult visitor and one juvenile visitor allowed at a monitor per visit. Juveniles must be accompanied by an adult at all times at the Visitation Center, including in the lobby and during the visit. A juvenile can visit only when accompanied by an adult.

All visitors to the Visitation Center are subject to search.

All visitors to the Visitation Center must have a valid state ID or driver’s license.

All visitors to the Visitation Center must comply with the dress code for visitors. The dress code is strictly enforced. Click HERE to see our dress code.

General Information

Available visiting times may vary, depending on facility, classification, and housing unit schedules.

All visit requests must be confirmed before a visit can occur.

Offenders are not permitted to visit during their lockdown time.

The GettingOut app (different from GettingOut Visits app) provides additional ways to communicate with offenders, including secure messaging, photo sharing, and making deposits. For more on making deposits, see the Offender Commissary, Phone, and Mail Procedures page on the LPSO website.